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Consider Your Ways About What God Says

Consider Your Ways About What God Says

Consider Your Ways About what God Says

Haggai 1:1-15
Incorporating God’s priorities in our financial management is a major challenge for some of us. God expects us to trust Him to finance His priorities through what He supplies us. God reminds His people of priority. He commanded His people to build His temple out of the resources He supplied to them. They built their houses and said, “Not now!” to God. The fact that they ignored the need to build the Temple revealed where God was in their hearts. So God reminded His people of the priority and He chastened His people about security and vanity.
One of the remarkable truths before us is that God does have to refocus some of us at times by withholding blessing, He never calls us to do anything without supplying what we need. God, who does not need us, has chosen to allow us to be His instrument for His purpose and priorities. We often, like those in Haggai’s day, push God’s priorities to the place of unimportance or take His blessings and ignore our responsibility to what He wants. It may be a surprise to read that God blew their money away. We can certainly relate to droughts of no blessing or vanishing money. Serving money for the glory of ourselves and neglecting God’s priorities is no small matter with God. His correction is to change us so that He can bless us and that we can be a blessing in this world for His glory.

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