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A Faithful LIfe is Faithful Until Death

A Faithful LIfe is Faithful Until Death

A Faithful Life is Faithful Until Death

Acts 6:8-13, 7:1-60
In the first part of the Faithful series we will focus our attention on a man who immerges before us as an example of faithfulness under fire of persecution. Stephen was the very first Martyr. He was a servant of people and a servant of Christ, who maintained his witness and testimony even unto death. He is a wonderful example of when the Holy Spirit is in control of a yielded life, there will be a great witness for Christ. Stephen reminds us to stand and speak. Come with us and watch as Pastor Cockrell explores the faithfulness of Stephen’s character, message and death.
In this second part of the Faithful Series, taken from Acts 6:8-13, 7:1-60, Pastor Cockrell continues to expound on Stephen and what faithful people will look like in serving the Lord Jesus. We will be filled with the Holy Spirit, not ashamed of the testimony of Jesus Christ, have full assurance of salvation and fully persuaded whom we serve. Watch this series and let the testimony of Stephen encouraged you in your walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ.
In this third part of the Faithful series, taken from Acts 6:8-13, 7:1-60, Pastor Cockrell walks us through the life of Stephen; a man the Bible describes as being “full of faith.” Stephen challenged the basis of the Jewish Leader’s true relationship with God. Their faith in religion was based on a superstitious faith, a legalistic faith and a traditional faith, in comparison to faith in the true God. Stephen’s gives a historical review, using key revered Old Testament leaders to show that despite their rejection, God continued to send His messengers so they and all unbelievers will hear His call to salvation.
In this fourth part of the Faithful Series, taken from Acts 6:9-13, 7: 1-60, Pastor closes this series by showing us that the world’s wisdom, even when it hides behind religious systems, will never overcome Spirit led Biblical truth. Stephen uses a historical and presuppositional testimony to show that the Jewish Leader’s faith had no true foundation. Stephen answers their questions and issues an indictment against them. Their response to his indictment still resonates today!

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