From the very beginning, Pastor Wayne Cockrell's goal was for Food For The Soul Ministries to be a powerful catalyst for today's families. By offering practical, Scripture-based approaches to real-world issues faced by people everyday, Food For The Soul Ministries helps Christian Believers become stronger as they become grounded in the doctrinal truths of the Christian faith.

The origins of Food For The Soul Ministries can be traced back to its start, as an outreach of Genesis Bible Fellowship Church in Baltimore Maryland. Pastor Cockrell was motivated to first start with local broadcasting stations, then to the internet, and ultimately to all media venues available. The goal is to be a servant in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission – taking the gospel to every nation.

From this simple beginning, Food For The Soul Ministries grew and transformed. Believers saw the value in the work and asked for more venues. This web site was created in response to demand for a broader outreach throughout the country. We have been offering these tools for change and growth ever since.

What we are about

  • Exalting the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Evangelizing the Lost
  • Edifying the Saints