Out With the Old and In With the New

Out with the Old and In With the New

Acts 18:23-28

We center our attention on a man named Apollos. He will provide an example to us that faith in the part of the truth about Jesus is not enough. Apollos is a gifted man, who is a believing Jew under the Old Testament Economy, but must become a believing New Testament Christian.


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DVD Series

The Series will come packaged together

DVD Series Cost $40 for a 3 part series and $55 for a 4 part series

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CDs Series

Contains the audio series on CD

CD Series Cost $10 including shipping and handling

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Cd and DVD Series on USB

The series will come in both .mp3 and .avi format on our Food for the Soul Ministries USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Mp3 and .Avi files Costs $12 including Shipping and Handling

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MP3 Download

For an audio series mp3 download via Sellfy. No physical copy.

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